Emoji Keyboard App
Emoji Keyboard
An app that allows to type emojis in any application using an onscreen keyboard.
Slice of Pain Logo
Slice of Pain
Website for an band that plays approximative rock.
Flyer Confidences et beurre salé
Confidences et beurre salé
Banners, flyers and poster for an amateur musical show where I sing and do some acting.
Catrine screenshot
3D single-player puzzle adventure game with sand physics simulation we created during the ETH Game Lab 2022.
g-export cover
Tool to export a game list from GOG Galaxy as an HTML page.
Emoji Keyboard Export
Factorio mod to export a keyboard configuration for the Emoji Keyboard app to insert icons of in-game items.
Cadence of the naval storm screenshot
Cadence of the naval storm
Rhythm-based game we created for the LvlUp Game Jam 2020 (trophy of the best beginner game), where you need to escape a big storm with pirates ships and krakens.
Plugin for Linux Interception Tools to change the right Ctrl key so that it acts like the fn key on some keyboards.
Improved GDB Eigen Printers
Fork of the embedded Eigen GDB plugin to improve usability in IDEs.
Small Kotlin CLI app to extract lyrics from midi files.